Snowkite Belgian Team!

Four Belgians from the Jaxsun Team are ready to fly away for the famous extreme Snowkite race in Norway: Redbull Ragnarok!

Lauren our Medical Assistant and Physiotherapist and the 3 kiters: Anais, Jean and Matt feels the adrenaline rising up…

Race facts:

• 100 km Extreme Race
• 30 different nations
• Extreme weather conditions

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More about:

The name “Ragnarok” stems from an incident in Norse mythology, describing the last battle between the good and evil Gods, where only the heroes of the battlefield survive.

The race format will be a mass start, where each participant must complete five full laps of the chosen course (one lap = 15-20km) using only their kite, and either skis or snowboard.


Red Bull Ragnarok is an endurance snowkite race, taking place on the Hardangervidda in Norway. Over 300 participants will take part in this epic battle against the forces of Mother Nature, and each other. Participants will either use skis or a snowboard and their own choice of kite. This is purely based on personal preference and we will not have separate classes for different types of kites.


There will be four snowkite classes :

  • Men Skis
  • Men Snowboard
  • Women Skis
  • Women Snowboard


The course will be approximately 15-20 kilometers distance, and to complete the race, the participant must complete 5 laps, and pass through each gate set up by the race team so as to be registered by the results system.


Our Base Camp for the weekend will be Haugastøl Hotel. It is also possible to stay in one of the apartments at this Hotel, however, booking will not be possible until 1st of December. The location for the race is top-secret and will not be announced until the Race Meeting on the morning of the chosen Race Day. We will set up shuttle buses to take you there. Please note that we will prioritize participants and if you have any family or friends with you they will need to take the last bus.


Please make sure to have enough water, food and warm clothes with you in a backpack. Weather conditions can be fierce and it is important to be prepared! Snowkite in Haugastol is not an easy game!


  • You must be at least 16 years of age on the 31st of March 2017 to participate
  • All competitors under 18 years of age must have a signed waiver from a guardian
  • All riders must join the race meetings
  • Intoxicated persons will not be allowed to do the snow kite race
  • Your spot in the race is personal. We do not allow re-sale or transfers of start numbers to others.
  • Parking is not permitted at the race location.