Dear students, members, friends and other enthusiasts,

We’re not going to go back to the subject that our “soft media” are looping!

Never mind, our Jaxsun school is already ready for the 2020 season, to train you but above all to bring you the necessary safety to practice Kite.

I will ask everyone not to break the rules once the containment has been released, if you have been able to respect these rules for weeks it will be good to apply these same rules of respect once our beaches are open.

Distance and lifestyle are not the only rules, Kitesurfing remains an Extreme sport even if it can be practiced with finesse, its learning remains essential, good bases will allow you to evolve safely!

Hoping to see you very soon on our beaches to share new moments of happiness!

I also took care to find you a video of choice about the Covid-19, yet a big thank you to Jamy Gourmaud of the show “It’s not Sorcerer” for these fair words and especially his good advice!

I hope that there will be a before and after and I hope that we will measure well the importance of the presence of others, hell is not the others … “J.Gourmaud”


How to wash your hands well and get rid of this Coronavirus!