Brouwersdam weather forecast

Simplify your life and never miss an opportunity to Kitesurf.

Directions for Brouwersdam:

  • Navigable : South-West to North
  • Not Navigable: North-East to South
  • With South wind we go to Bruinisse

Wind forces:

  • 15 to 25 knots : Beginner
  • 25 to 35 knots: Pro
  • More than 35 knots: Danger!

Water temperatures:

  • From 3 C° to 7 C°: Dry suit, slippers and bonnet
  • From 7 C° to 13 C° : 4 to 5mm Suit and slippers
  • More than 13 C°: Suit less than 5mm without slippers

Tides for Brouwersdam:

  •  Beginners: Low tide, spot without waves and long distance footwork
  • Advanced: High tide, waves and more feet after 20 meters.
  • Tip: allow 2 hours before or after each tide to enjoy a beginner’s spot.

Watch live viaBrouwersdam webcam.