Discharge of responsibility and risk taking.

I, the undersigned, am responsible for it.

I certify that I am in good health and certify that I have no restrictions on physical or other effort.

I certify that during the activities, I will not act irresponsibly or put my life or the lives of others in danger.

I will take full responsibility for my actions and will not engage in sports activities while intoxicated. I unconditionally accept and understand that the ASBL

Jaxsun sports disclaims all liability in case of accidents.

I am aware that the NPO Jaxsun sports takes the necessary steps to avoid as far as possible, the risk of accidents, even if the zero risk does not exist.

I am fully aware of the potential risks involved in the practice of kitesurfing, wakeboarding, surfing, paddle, snow kiting and other board sports.

I also recognise that risk factors also include equipment, weather and terrain conditions, as well as natural or artificial obstacles.

I am also aware that certain movements or actions cannot always be predicted or controlled and therefore cannot be avoided or prevented by safety measures.

Consequently, I am aware and accept that when I take part in such activities, my physical integrity and, in extreme cases, my life may be in danger.

Furthermore, I know and accept that the dangers mentioned, related to my participation may threaten third parties in the areas where the activities take place.

I understand that I may be held personally liable to third parties for damages resulting from bodily injury or property damage that such third parties may suffer as a result of circumstances related to my participation in these activities.

I release the NPO Jaxsun sports, the organizers, as well as their members, bodies, employees, volunteers, auxiliaries, agents and respective agents against any liability, claims, actions or legal proceedings, costs, expenses (including attorneys’ fees and expenses), damages, loss, injury, suffered in connection with my participation in these activities, including claims caused by the negligence of the parties.

I am responsible for the equipment provided / rented by the NPO Jaxsun sports.

I will reimburse them for all costs incurred by the loss, theft or breakage of equipment.

The postponed course(s) are valid for a maximum of one year from the date of your first reservation made.

In the event of absence from a course, no refund will be given. No justification will be accepted except a valid medical certificate. I, the undersigned, as an adult, parent, guardian or legal guardian of (minor): declare that I have read and understood the above “disclaimer” and unconditionally accept all risks involved.

I certify that the trainee or student has the required aptitudes to participate in these activities by selecting the “Read and Approved”.