Here is the summary of our latest adventure in Morocco:

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for this holiday in Dakhla which will remain engraved in our memories as an incredible mix of laughter and unforgettable memories. Dakhla, a place where I had the chance to meet extraordinary friends who became accomplices in madness. Between the spontaneous jokes of Mathieu, our latest “mammoth”, and the delirious and contagious laughter of Romain the camel, our evenings were filled with laughter. Kite, pastis and white were our evening pastimes, and we enjoyed them thoroughly. There was no shortage of adventures, from the majestic Dune Blanche to the marvellous oasis with its hot spring, including our 4×4 expeditions and the mysterious discoveries of the south of Dakhla alongside our Belgian friend Mathieu.

I can’t forget the amazing surprises I had on my birthday, especially the crab infestation in our room. There’s nothing like a crab claw stuck in your falzard to scratch your ass. The mystery remains as to how these crabs managed to get into the bathroom, and our poor keeper is still disturbed. Memories, such as the “red foufoune” attracted by Jeanne’s eyes, will remain engraved.

Morocco is simply magical, with its extraordinary landscapes and encounters filled with unusual friendships. Thank you all for a memorable holiday, and I look forward to new adventures and laughter shared with you all.