The jaxsun sports school is an ASBL founded in 2009. Want to know more about the origin… Read our FAQ

Who are we?

The Jaxsunsports school was founded on 1 May 2009 by Mathieu Otjacques, Aurélie Dermine, Cédric Bouvy and Thierry Otjacques.

Why the name Jaxsun sports?

The origin of our name: a whole story! On a trip to the States with the company Sun trek; the name of our founder "Otjacques" was difficult to pronounce by the camp guide who decided to call him Jax (phonetics- Otjak). Based on this nickname that I have for more than 12 years we decided [...]

Our concept, ecology?

Jaxsun sports differs from other schools and water clubs in its concept and community. We place a point of honor on the environment but also on the environment in which our members and students operate. That's why we set up our school in an ecological zone in Zeeland. More than 3 hectares of parkland, surrounded [...]

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